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RMD Harvey Dam

Harvey Dam

Location: Australia
Client: Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd

The Harvey Dam and Appurtenant Works Project, a part of the Stirling Redevelopment Scheme situated 2km East of the township of Harvey and approximately 140km south of Perth - is among the latest contracts in Western Australia to be completed by formwork and falsework specialist, RMD Australia. Leighton Contractors Pty Limited is currently in the final stages of building the 60-gigalitre capacity dam for the Water Corporation of Western Australia. The company selected RMD to provide the formwork solutions for the construction of the outlet works, spillway and intake tower.

The equipment supplied by RMD kwikform included Superslim Soldiers, Alform Beams, Megashor, Rapidshor, Kwikstage and Rapid Ply Panels. Purpose-designed Megashor connection nodes were manufactured to enable the construction of a special Megashor heavy lifting frame that was built to raise the 450-tonne hoist house and bracing equipment to the top of the 42-metre-high intake tower, a feat that would otherwise have been accomplished only by the construction of an extremely expensive, single use, steel structure.

Safety and cost considerations dictated that the hoist house be partially built on the ground at the base of the tower. The total weight of this structure and bracing equipment was then jacked up the tower using hydraulic jacks mounted in eight positions around the Megashor heavy lifting frame.

The intake tower stem itself was constructed with the use of RMD Kwikform's Slipform system designed and run continuously over a 6 day period in collaboration with colleagues from RMD Kwikform in the UK.

After Leighton Contractors and RMD Kwikform successfully teamed up on the Narrows Bridge Duplication and the Wanneroo Water Treatment Plant in Perth, they continued their long term relationship on the Harvey Dam through the utilisation of RMD Kwikform's design expertise and reliability to produce efficient cost effective solutions.

The Water Corporation of Western Australia and Leighton Contractors are reported as being impressed with the solutions, on-site performance and quality of concrete finish provided by RMD Kwikform's products and services.

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