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Deal Pier

Location: UK
Client: John Martin Construction

Essential restoration work at the 311-metre long Deal Pier, one of just two surviving piers in Kent, has been carried out with the aid of some inventive formwork and access solutions devised by RMD Kwikform. Specialist Marine Civil Engineering Contractor, John Martin Construction, carried out the work, which involved refurbishing the 50 year old pier’s deck beams and piled legs.

RMD Kwikform provided the contractor with a travelling access gantry solution that incorporated hinged sections to allow it to pass the piled legs on either side of the pier. This enabled construction workers to get beneath the deck without having to resort to expensive scaffolding. It also allowed the pier to be kept open to the public throughout the restoration work. The company also provided special hinged shutters for the circular concrete-encased steel legs and trough formwork for the deck beams.

The travelling gantry was six metres long, weighed around 10 tonnes and was constructed using RMD Kwikform’s Superslim Soldiers with tube struts and bracing to provide a working platform beneath the pier deck. This platform incorporated hinged sections that folded up when the gantry passed the columns. Once passed the columns, these hinged sections were lowered to reinstate the integrity of the platform.

The weight of the gantry was, at all times, taken on steel beams that were laid on the top of the pier deck to transfer the load directly to the piled leg crossheads. This was to ensure that no extra stress was imposed on the weakened 200mm thick pier deck. As the gantry moved along the pier, these beams were repositioned ready for the next slide, once the gantry was in its working position.

Access from the gantry platform to the concrete-encased legs was provided by using eight-metre tall limpet dams to enable the damaged concrete to be chipped away and replaced. This latter stage was achieved using special 740mm internal diameter hinged steel shutters that incorporated centralising jack pins. The gantry platform also provided safe access to remove the old concrete from the longitudinal beams and fix the two-metre long rectangular steel beam encasement formwork.

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