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RMD Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

Location: UAE
Client: Nasa Multiplex & Al Futaim Tarmac JV

RMD Kwikform UAE is supplying propping solutions for what is believed to be one of the largest building developments ever undertaken in the Gulf - the Dubai Marina Project in the UAE.The project’s main contractor, a joint venture between Nasa Multiplex and Al Futaim Tarmac JV, selected RMD Kwikform to provide Kwiktage propping and decking for the Marina’s prestigious north-complex podium structure.

A combination of RMD Kwikform’s reputation for providing cost-effective design solutions, coupled with its ability to work to tight deadlines, led to the company winning the contract to supply up to 10,000 square metres of propping equipment at any one time for the podium’s slab and beam support. The structure’s complex design specifications will require special bracing-pattern recommendations from RMD Kwikform’s engineers for each beam support application. Once complete, the two-storey podium will contain six swimming pools, a selection of sports facilities, shops, restaurants and underground parking for 2,000 cars.

RMD Kwikform’s Project Manager, David Barrington comments: "The Dubai Marina represents a considerable challenge, both from a logistical and a construction perspective." He continues: "At RMD Kwikform UAE our engineers work in collaboration with the Dubai Marina’s main contractor to ensure that all propping components are designed and constructed to support the podium’s enormous weight. We also have a developed infrastructure that allows us to transport the required equipment quickly and efficiently throughout the UAE."

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