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Introducing The Tubeshor 610 Prop


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The fully integrated ‘hybrid’ hydraulic bracing system 

RMD Kwikform’s Tubeshor 610 Prop is the first hydraulic bracing system with mechanical lock-off currently on the market.

Featuring 7 different lengths of leg extension; ranging from 0.5m to 11.5m and a hydraulic ram unit which bolts together at the joint, the Tubeshor 610 Prop has been designed to prop waling beams or pilecaps on large excavations. The Tubeshor 610 Prop can also be used for vertical propping applications, such as bridge bearing replacements. The integral hydraulic ram is rated at an AWL of 2500kN and with a unique lock off collar arrangement loads of up to 3000kN can be safely supported in horizontal applications and up to 4500kN in vertical applications.

Innovative Features

  • When bolted directly to the waling beam or pilecap, Tubeshor 610 Props are able to span up to 30.0m and vertical props of up to 45.0m are possible.
  • The ram unit consists of two steel tube sections (inner and outer) with integral lifting points. The inner section hydraulically extends by 800mm and is threaded to enable mechanical lock-off using a robust screwed collar.
  • The ram unit and the leg extensions are fitted with integral stands and stops to enable safe handling and stacking both when not in use and during transportation.
  • Using the Tubeshor 610 Swivel Unit, 460mm angles of down to 30 degrees can be achieved in raking applications.
  • A unique spherical bearer provides three degrees of rotational freedom in any plane and locks in rotation subsequent to application of load, reducing the effective length of the strut.

RMD Kwikform’s Tubeshor 610 Prop is fully compliant with the latest European standards and carries the quality CE mark.

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