Falsework in construction

RMD Kwikform’s world-class shoring and falsework systems have been proven around the world for their versatility, speed to erect and dismantle, unparalleled strength-to-weight ratios, and effectiveness. These have been used in projects all over the globe, ranging from some of the world’s most iconic structures to the biggest civil engineering projects, and all stages between. RMD Kwikform has consistently demonstrated that the prowess of our products, when combined with our world-class engineering team, creates a winning formula for your projects.

Truss Shoring Systems

Steel truss shoring for high-rise


Economical steel falsework system


Heavy-duty truss system

Kwikstage Shoring

Simple, versatile and efficient shoring


Lightweight handset shoring

Adjustable Props

Versatile and effective propping

Prop Tableform

Cost-effective shoring / falsework for building


High-performance lattice shoring system


Vertical, horizontal and raking shores


Versatile, efficient 80kN steel shoring


Heavy-duty 700kN shoring

Alshor Plus

Aluminium shoring

Kwikstage Propping

Simple, versatile and efficient propping


High productivity soffit panel system