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Lightweight, versatile, soffit formwork system.



In Detail

Unique Crown

The four claws on the crown enable up to 4 panels to be securely located by a single unit.

Safety Guardrail

Standard Guardrail Brackets connect to the Airodek system to allow edge protection to be easily fitted around the open soffit.

Quick Strike Prop

A single hammer blow to the quick strike pin releases the load in the props by lowering the crown and the panel by 4mm which is sufficient to release the formwork panels.

Column Make Up

2 sizes of standard Infill Beams locate quickly onto the Airodek Crown or Drophead, to allow simple make up around columns. Removing the need for additional timber supports.

Spacing Gates

The spacing gates are used to ensure that the props are spaced at the correct centres quickly and easily, as well as to stabilise the system during assembly. The blue bands on the props indicate the correct location.

Infill Bracket

The Airodek infill bracket and support block is for use in conjunction with the Airodek crown, providing support for aluminium or timber beams in a close to wall situation where other supports, like props, would be difficult to use.

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