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Aluminium Beams

Aluminium Beams

A portfolio of three versatile, lightweight and durable aluminium beams with an extensive range of accessories. The beams form a complete system that can be used for virtually unlimited configurations and applications.

Aluminium Beams 

Aluminium Beams

In Detail

Perfect Partner

Used along with Superslim soldiers to assemble large wall formwork panels.


Ease of Use

Complex configurations are easily constructed.


Cost Reduction

Construction using aluminium ensures consistent alignment, accuracy and structural integrity, reducing wastage, assembly time and labour costs.


Unique Integration

A unique wedge clamp allows primary and secondary beams to be fixed together at right-angles in soffit support applications.


Less Equipment Needed

The high bending and shear resistance of the 150mm Alform beam - twice that of a 200mm deep timber beam - allows longer spans, supporting greater loads, to be built with less equipment.


Lighter, Quicker, Easier

60% lighter than timber equivalent, so its easier and quicker to handle, saving time and costs.


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