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Award-winning safety screen system for protection of public and workers on high rise construction projects



In Detail

The Ascent screen is off set from the building

By off setting the screen from the building the screen can be raised whilst the slab formwork remains in place improving cycle times and on site efficiency.

Fully closed screen

Ascent-S can provide a fully closed screen using rip stop polyester/PVC sheet. This protects from the elements and prevents workers seeing out and suffering from vertigo, this assists with on site productivity.

Screen modules side by side seal tightly

Compresible edge seals allow for +/- 40mm tolerance between modules, ensuring a tight seal between the modules preventing any loose material egress through the screens.

Telescopic arms improve transport efficiency

Telescopic arms extend modules to 5.4m whilst transporting at only 3m wide improving transport efficiency as more metres of perimeter protection can be made in a single shipment than competitor systems.

Lower slabs are also sealed

Gaps between lower slabs can also be sealed using rotating ply flaps.

Corners and non linear shapes easily accommodated

By using rotating cladding beam ends, Ascent can accommodate corners and curves in the building profile without sacrificing any safety.

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