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Award-winning safety screen system for protection of public and workers on high rise construction projects





Ascent Latch
Code Description Weight
AGX10022 Ascent Latch 8.30kg


Ascent Top Mast
Code Description Weight
AGX10001 Ascent Top Mast 59.9kg
AGX10002 Ascent Mast 2100mm 67.4kg
AGX10027 Ascent Half Mast 1050mm 33.7kg

Zed Frame

Code Description Weight
AGX10004 Ascent Zed Frame 25.5kg

Debris Skirt

Code Description Weight
AGX10020 Ascent Debris Skirt Tube 5000mm 16.0kg


Ascent Screen Edge End Cap Plate
Code Description Weight
AGX10044 Ascent Screen Edge 4060mm 9.07kg
AGX10045 Ascent Screen Edge 5280mm 11.8kg
AGX10047 Ascent Screen Edge End Cap Plate 0.06kg
AGX10048 Ascent Screen Edge Clamp 500mm 0.12kg
AGX10016 Ascent Edge Seal per 25m 15.0kg


Ascent Wall Bracket
Code Description Weight
AGX10014 Ascent Slab Bracket 30.4kg
AGX10023 Ascent Wall Bracket 13.2kg


Superslim Adaptor
Code Description Weight
AGX10025 Ascent Superslim Adaptor 6.2kg

Anchor Cone and Accessories

Ascent Anchor Cone
Code Description Weight
AGX10021 Ascent Anchor Cone M24 x 100mm 1.44kg
RCX10020 Rapidclimb 45kN Cone Retainer 0.12kg
RCX10021 Rapidclimb Cone Retainer key 0.05kg

Anchor Plate

Code Description Weight
AGX10028 Ascent Anchor Plate 1.12kg

Anchor Screw

Ascent Anchor Screw
Code Description Weight
HTX20005 Ascent Anchor Screw 1.53kg

Anchor Screw Removal Tool

Code Description Weight
AGX10038 Ascent Anchor Screw Removal Socket 0.86kg


Ascent Bracing Tube
Code Description Weight
AGX10007 Ascent Bracing Tube 2500mm 9.16kg
AGX10042 Ascent Tube Support Bracket 2.33kg
AGX10043 Ascent Tube Extension 4.47kg
AGX10046 Ascent Tube Soldier End Bracket 2.99kg

Cladding Beam

Ascent Cladding Beam Render
Code Description Weight
AGX10005 Ascent Cladding Beam 2750mm 18.1kg
AGX10006 Ascent Cladding Beam Extension 8.16kg
AGX10009 Ascent Cladding Beam Connector 1.65kg

Fixings - Nuts & Bolts

Code Description Weight
BNX12010 M12 CSK x 45 Bolt (Grade 8.8) 0.44kg
BNU12001 M12 Nut (Grade 8) 0.1kg
BNX16002 M12 x 40 Bolt (Grade 8.8) 0.1kg
BNU16008 M16 CSK x 40 Bolt (Grade 8.8) 0.05kg
BNM21613 M16 x 130 Bolt (Grade 8.8) 0.3kg
BNU16001 M16 Nut (Grade 8) 0.03kg
BNX24010 M24 x 70 Bolt (Grade 8.8) 0.34kg
BNX24008 M24 x 100 Bolt (Grade 8.8) 0.45kg
BNU24001 M24 Nut (Grade 8) 0.03kg
BNX30002 M30 x 375 Bolt (Grade 10.9) 2.32kg
BNX30004 M30 Nut (Grade 10) 0.05kg

Fixings Pins & Clips

Ascent Pin
Code Description Weight
AGX10008 Ascent Pin 12mm Dia 0.11kg
AGX10031 Ascent Pivot Pin 24mm Dia 0.47kg
AGX10037 Ascent Toolkit 17.5kg
SSX10044 Superslim 19mm Pin 0.27kg
SSX10045 Superslim 3mm R Clip 0.01kg
SSU10011 R Clip 5mm 0.03kg
BNX00001 Tek Screw 5.5 x 20mm Hex Plated 0.003kg

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