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Kwikstage Access

Kwikstage Access

The original system access scaffolding solution

Kwikstage Access 

Kwikstage Access

Product Overview


  • High degree of standardisation and modular components
  • System designed to increase the speed of erection and dismantling
  • Large bay size can accommodate bigger area with few components


  • Design of connections provides high degree of rigidity to scaffold
  • Pre-determined double guard rail
  • Non-slip steel stage platform
  • Systemised toe board fixings
  • High load rating and high degree of rigidity


  • Eliminates the use of loose fittings
  • Gravity fed wedges reduces human error and simplifies erection and dismantling
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Few basic units and no loose fittings simplifies storage and transportation
  • Can easily fit to various layout and height

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