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Robust, versatile large-panel wall & column formwork system



Features & Benefits


  • Unrivalled concrete pressures Maxima columns allow unrivalled concrete pressure of 166kN/m². A hoop ladder system is also available to provide safe access and options are available to line forms with plywood to improve surface finish.
  • No need for through ties Maxima columns up to 750mm x 750mm and
    3300mm high can be constructed using single panels, removing the requirement for through ties. Pour heights above 3300mm are easily achieved by joining panels together with clamps.
  • Wide range of sizes Extensive coulumn sizes ranging from 200mm - 750mm - exceptional versatility in panel construction.
  • Great finish 12mm plywood liner - high quality finish columns.
  • Unlimited size Practically no limit to column height - suitable for a wide range of projects.
  • Easy handling and transportation Components fold and stack with no loose parts when moving
  • Safety designed in Robust working platform with integral guardrails and self-closing gate

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