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An ultra heavy duty modular shoring and propping system designed for high axial loads. Amazing versatility, from heavy lifting towers, travellers for tunnel formwork, bracing for excavations, shoring and trusses, Megashor can be configured for a huge variety of applications.




Legs (Painted)

Megashor propping system Legs
Code Description Weight
MSX10090 Megashor Leg 90mm 22.0kg
MSX10270 Megashor Leg 270mm 30.3kg
MSX10450 Megashor Leg 450mm 45.2kg
MSX10900 Megashor Leg 900mm 65.4kg
MSX11800 Megashor Leg 1800mm 113.3kg
MSX12700 Megashor Leg 2700mm 161.1kg
MSX15400 Megashor Leg 5400mm 304.4kg

End Plate

Code Description Weight
MSX10012 End Plate 9.5kg

Screw Jack

Megashor Jack
Code Description Weight
MSX10011 Screw Jack. Range = 410 - 620mm 65.9kg
AWL: Please refer to Megashor Technical Data Sheets.

Jack Spanner

Code Description Weight
MSX10022 Jack Spanner 20.1kg

Bearing Plate 40mm

Megashor Jack Plate
Code Description Weight
MSX10021 Megashor Bearing Plate 40mm 26.2kg
Used to spread and transfer high loads between mechanical or hydraulic jacks and Megashor Jack Plate

Hydraulic Unit

Megashor Hydraulic
Code Description Weight
MSX10017 Hydraulic Unit 146.0kg
AWL: Please refer to Megashor Technical Data Sheets.

Rocking Head

Code Description Weight
MSX10026 Rocking Head 180mm 47.9kg
Enables Megashor shafts to be connected to header beams at angles up to 45 degrees.

Brace Plates

Code Description Weight
MSU10002 Brace Plate 60.3kg

Joint Stiffener

Code Description Weight
MSX10024 Joint Stiffener 8.4kg

Plate Washer

Megashor Plate Washer
Code Description Weight
BNX20023 Plate Washer 90 x 90 x 15 x 18mm 0.92kg

Wedge Release Jack

Code Description Weight
HGX10053 Wedge Release Jack 33.0kg

Megashor Fixed & Adjustable Braces

Megashor Long Vernier
Code Description Weight
MSU10001 Flat Brace 60 x 8mm alteration -
MSX10003 Flat Brace 60 x 8mm per metre 3.7kg
MSX10005 Vernier Braces Long Outer Galv 11.5kg
MSX10006 Vernier Baraces Long Inner Galv 10.7kg
MSX10033 Vernier Braces Short Inner Galv 5.3kg
MSX10034 Vernier Braces Short Outer Galv 7.2kg
MSU10003 Megashor Plan Brace Cleat 1.5kg
AWL - when attached to Megashor leg = 34kN (68kN per pair)

Half Portal Frame

Code Description Weight
MSX10013 Megashor Half Portal Frame 453.8kg

Lift Point

Code Description Weight
MSY10001 Megashor Lift Point 50kN 1.79kg
BNX20100 Megashor pin M20 High Yield 0.4kg
SSU10011 Superslim R Clip 5x100mm 0.03kg

Truss Connector

Code Description Weight
MSX10027 Megashor Truss Connector 15.4kg

Megatruss Node

Code Description Weight
MSX10030 Megatruss Node 67.3kg

Megatruss End Bearer

Code Description Weight
MSX10028 Megatruss End Bearer 111.6kg

Megatruss Intermediate Bearer

Code Description Weight
MSX10019 Megatruss Intermediate Bearer 13.2kg

Chord Spacer

Code Description Weight
BNX20024 Chord Spacer 60x60x20x22 dia 0.5kg

Push Pull Jacks

Code Description Weight
MSU10008 Megashor Pus Pull Jack R/H 74.8kg
MSU10009 Megashor Push Pull Jack L/H 74.8kg

Push Pull Tilt Plate

Code Description Weight
MSU10007 Megashor Push Pull Tilt Plate 48.9kg

90 Degree Corner

Code Description Weight
MSU10005 Megashor 90 Degree Corner 68.8kg

Pull Pull Adaptor

Code Description Weight
MSU10006 Megashor Push Pull Adaptor 19.0kg

Superslim Soldier Beams

Superslim Soldiers
Code Description Weight
SSX13600 Superslim Soldier 3600mm 72.2kg
SSX12700 Superslim Soldier 2700mm 55.4kg
SSX11800 Superslim Soldier 1800mm 38.8kg
SSX10900 Superslim Soldier 900mm 22.0kg
SSX10720 Superslim Soldier 720mm 18.7kg
SSX10540 Superslim Soldier 540mm 15.2kg
SSX10360 Superslim Soldier 360mm 11.9kg
SSU10035 Superslim Soldier - 360mm O/E 11.7kg
SSU10045 Superslim Soldier 360mm H/Shoe 11.7kg
SSX10090 Superslim Soldier 90mm 7.3kg
SSX10040 Superslim End Plate 10mm 2.9kg

Nuts & Bolts

Code Description Weight
BNU10050 Props Brace Pin M24 /M20 0.43kg
BNU12001 Nut - M12 Hexagon Plated 0.01kg
BNU12009 Set Pin - M12x40 Gr8.8 plated 0.05kg
BNU16001 M16 Hexagon Nut - Grade 8.8 ZP 0.03kg
BNU16007 M16x40 Set Pin - Grade 8.8 ZP 0.09kg
BNU16009 M16x60 Bolt - Grade 8.8 ZP 0.11kg
BNU20001 M20 Hexagon Nut - Grade 8.8 ZP 0.06kg
BNU20003 Washer - M20 Round 0.03kg
BNU20005 M20x40 Set Pin - Grade 8.8 ZP 0.27kg
BNU20010 M20x60 Csk Set Pin - Grade 8.8 ZP 0.18kg
BNU20011 M20x60 Bolt - Grade 8.8 ZP 0.28kg
BNU20013 M20x80 Bolt - Grade 8.8 0.29kg
BNU20015 M20x100 Bolt - Grade 8.8 0.32kg
BNU20016 M20x130 Bolt - Grade 8.8 BZP 0.40kg
BNX20027 M20x45 Set Pin - Grade 8.8 BZP Csk 0.17kg
BNX20028 M20x50 Bolt - Grade 8.8 ZP 0.18kg
BNX20030 M20x90 Bolt - Grade 8.8 BZP 0.28kg
BNU24001 M24 Hexagon Nut 0.06kg
BNU24002 M24x110 Bolt - Grade 8.8 BZP 0.1kg
BNU24008 M24x180 - Grade 8.8 BZP Hex Bolt 0.73kg
BNU42001 M42x200 - Grade 8.8 Bolt ZP Short 2.76kg
BNU42002 M42 Nut Gr8 0.59kg
BNX52001 M52 Hex Nut 8.8 Galv 1.07kg
BNX52002 M52x160 Gr 8.8 Socket Cap Screw 3.93kg

Heavy Duty Tie Beam

Code Description Weight
MSU20004 Megashor Heavy Duty Tie Beam 39.1kg

Header Beams

Code Description Weight
MSX10009 Megashor Header Beam 950mm 150.3kg
MSX10010 Megashor Header Beam 3300mm 670.1kg
MSX10014 Megashor Header Beam 3810mm 1038.1kg
MSX10015 Megashor Header Beam 5000mm 1322.0kg

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