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Minima is a lightweight modular 60kN/m² wall and 90kN/m² column formwork panel system.




1200mm High Panels

Code Description Weight
MMX21230 Minima Panel - 1200 x 300mm 18.6kg
MMX21245 Minima Panel - 1200 x 450mm 23.8kg
MMX21260 Minima Panel - 1200 x 600mm 29.0kg
MMX21275 Minima Panel - 1200 x 750mm 33.4kg
MMX21290 Minima Panel - 1200 x 900mm 37.8kg

1500mm High Panels

Minima Panel 1500 x 900
Code Description Weight
MMX21530 Minima Panel - 1500 x 300mm 22.6kg
MMX21545 Minima Panel - 1500 x 450mm 27.7kg
MMX21550 Minima Panel - 1500 x 500mm 29.4kg
MMX21555 Minima Panel - 1500 x 550mm 31.1kg
MMX21560 Minima Panel - 1500 x 600mm 32.8kg
MMX21565 Minima Panel - 1500 x 650mm 34.5kg
MMX21575 Minima Panel - 1500 x 750mm 37.9kg
MMX21590 Minima Panel - 1500 x 900mm 43.0kg

2700mm High Panels

Code Description Weight
MMX22730 Minima Panel - 2700 x 300mm 39.5kg
MMX22745 Minima Panel - 2700 x 450mm 47.9kg
MMX22750 Minima Panel - 2700 x 500mm 50.8kg
MMX22755 Minima Panel -2700 x 550mm 53.7kg
MMX22760 Minima Panel - 2700 x 600mm 56.4kg
MMX22765 Minima Panel - 2700 x 650mm 59.3kg
MMX22775 Minima Panel - 2700 x 750mm 65.0kg
MMX22790 Minima Panel - 2700 x 900mm 73.5kg
MMX22724 Minima Panel - 2700 x 2400mm 260.9kg

Multi Purpose Plywood Panels

Minima Multi Purpose Plywood Panels
Code Description Weight
MMX41270 Minima MP Panel 1200 x 700mm 37.0kg
MMX41570 Minima MP Panel 1500 x 700mm 44.0kg
MMM41870 Minima MP Panel - HD 1800 x 700mm 51.0kg
MMX42770 Minima MP Panel 2700 x 700mm 60.1kg

Inner Corners

Minima Inner Corner
Code Description Weight
MMX31230 Minima Inner Corner 1200mm 41.4kg
MMX31570 Minima Inner Corner 1500mm 51.0kg
MMX32730 Minima Inner Corner 2700mm 66.2kg

External Corner Angles

Code Description Weight
MMM61200 Minima External Corner Angle 1200mm 16.0kg
MMM61500 Minima External Corner Angle 1500mm 19.5kg
MMM61800 Minima External Corner Angle 1800mm 23.4kg

Hinged Corners

Minima Hinged Corner
Code Description Weight
MMX51230 Minima Hinged Corner 1200 x 300mm 39.5kg
MMX51515 Minima Hinged Corner 1500 x 150mm 28.8kg
MMX51530 Minima Hinged Corner 1500 x 300mm 46.5kg
MMX52715 Minima Hinged Corner 2700 x 150mm 50.9kg
MMX52730 Minima Hinged Corner 2700 x 300mm 82.0kg

Wedge Clamp

Minima Wedge Clamp
Code Description Weight
MMX10028 Minima Wedge Clamp 3.4kg
AWL = 8kN in any direction in the plane of the clamp.

Adjustable Clamp

Minima Adjustable Clamp
Code Description Weight
MMX10002 Adjustable Clamp 5.2kg
AWL = 8kN in any direction in the plane of the clamp.

Aligning Panel Clamp

Minima alignment clamp
Code Description Weight
MMX10003 Minima Alignment Clamp 3.4kg
AWL = 8kN in any direction in the plane of the clamp.

Corner Clamp

Minima Outer Corner Clamp
Code Description Weight
MMX10001 Minima Outer Corner Clamp 6.6kg
AWL = 8kN in any direction in the plane of the clamp.

Lifting Accessories

Code Description Weight
MMX10021 Crane Hook 7.5kg
MMM11020 Minima Lifting Eye Bolt with Lock Nut 0.5kg
BNX20003 100x100x6x22 Plate Washer 0.5kg

Edge Tie Bearing

Minima Edge Tie Bearing
Code Description Weight
MMX10023 Minima Edge Tie Bearing 2.3kg
AWL = 10kN


Code Description Weight
MMX10010 Minima Waler Tie 300mm 0.8kg
MMX10012 Minima Tension Bolt 190 1.0kg
BNX20017 Washer - Plate 75x75x6x18mm 0.3kg
MMX10031 Minima Waler Tie 500mm 1.0kg
MMX10014 Minima Multi Purpose Bolt 0.6kg
MMX10015 Minima Multi Purpose Nut 0.5kg
MXX10043 Maxima Waler Plate 15.0 1.1kg
MMX10022 Minima Waler Plate 220 2.4kg

Alignment Rails

Code Description Weight
MXX10008 Maxima Alignment Rail 750 8.1kg
MXX10007 Maxima Alignment Rail 1500 16.1kg
MXX10009 Maxima Corner Alignment Rail 13.8kg
MMX10008 Minima Waler 80 6.0kg

Alignment Props

Minima Alignment Props
Code Description Weight
MMX10005 Minima Alignment Prop - Medium 22.9kg
MMX10017 Minima Alignment Prop - Short 12.7kg
MMM20006 Minima Universal Prop Adaptor 2.3kg

Access Bracket

Code Description Weight
MMX10006 Minima Access Bracket 13.35kg
SWL = 5kN evenly distributed (includes self weight & boards).

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