Rapidshor is a heavy duty galvanised modular steel shoring system with a robust design. Ease of assembly, low cost in use and an extensive range of accessories make it the premier choice in modular shoring.


Modular design, minimised component count and integral connections ensure fast erection times. Easy and quick to erect, accommodating sloping ground and varying slab levels.


Light but strong - 60.3 mm diameter high grade steel standards and 48.3 mm diameter jacks increase the strength-to-weight ratio and allow greater jack extensions without bracing.


Low maintenance and long life - the galvanised finish eliminates corrosion, minimises maintenance and extends the lifetime of the system.

Key Features

  • Cost Reducing Design
    High capacity (80kN leg and 320kN four-legged tower loads) dramatically reduces the number of components and associated erection and dismantling costs.
  • Curved Grids
    Grids can easily be skewed for curved structures with 8 ledger connections at 45 degrees which means a reduced number of parts compared to a square grid arrangement.
  • Tilting Heads and Bases
    Mean that sloping slabs and ground levels are easily accommodated without the use of wedges, resulting in time and material savings and leading to lower costs.
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Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

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Midfield Terminal Construction, Abu Dhabi Airport

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