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Rapidshor is a heavy duty galvanised modular steel shoring system with a robust design. Ease of assembly, low cost in use and an extensive range of accessories make it the premier choice in modular shoring.



Features & Benefits

Modular system ensuring no loose parts or fittings for maximum cost efficiency and safety.

  • Cost reducing design High capacity (80kN leg and 320kN four legged tower loads) dramatically reduces the number of components and associated erection and dismantling costs.
  • Tilting heads and bases Mean that sloping slabs and ground levels are easily accommodated without the use of wedges, resulting in time and material savings and leading to lower costs.
  • Curved grids Grids can easily be skewed for curved structures with 8 ledger connections at 45 degrees which means a reduced number of parts compared to a square grid arrangement.
  • Lightweight galvanised design Rapidshor's galvanised design minimises maintenance, eliminates corrosion and assures the integrity of the product for life.
  • 48mm diameter jack with 500mm of adjustment The stiffer Rapidshor jacks have far greater adjustment without bracing than most competitor systems leading to reductions in material, erection time and costs.
  • Quality assured manufacture in close tolerance jigs Accurracy in fabrication leads to ease of assembly on site. Assured quality guarantees the strength of the material and its fabrication.

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