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Rapidshor is a heavy duty galvanised modular steel shoring system with a robust design. Ease of assembly, low cost in use and an extensive range of accessories make it the premier choice in modular shoring.



In Detail

Easy to use

80 kN leg loading

The Rapidshor support system has been designed to give a leg loading of 80kN. This has been achieved by using 60.3mm tube for standards, using high strength steel, with 48.3mm thick tube adjustable jacks. Parts are plated or galvanised for protection.



Each size of standard has lug cluster discs fully welded at 500mm increments along their length, symmetrically from each end. This means that the open-ended standards can be erected either way, speeding up erection times.


A range of standards

Two spigot standard lengths 1500mm and 2500mm, and five open-ended standard lengths 675mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm and 2500mm.


Tilting heads & bases

Tilts up to 30 degrees on the tilt axis, eliminating the need for timber wedges to overcome sloping ground and elevated slabs.


Adjustable jack

With an adjustable range of 25-540mm, the jack also has a domed end that enables concentric loading to degrees of slope in any direction.


Quick & easy standard braces

Braces have a forging at each end, which contains a shaped pin that clicks quickly into the spring latch on the Ledger ends, providing a significant time saving on site in comparison with traditional coupler fixings.


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