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Rapidshor is a heavy duty galvanised modular steel shoring system with a robust design. Ease of assembly, low cost in use and an extensive range of accessories make it the premier choice in modular shoring.




Rapidshor Standards

Rapidshor Standards
Code Description Weight
RSX11500 Rapidshor Standard 1500mm 8.3kg
RSX12500 Rapidshor Standard 2500mm 15.1kg
RSU40675 Standard OE 675mm 3.0kg
RSX41000 Standard OE 1000mm 5.4kg
RSX41500 Standard OE 1500mm 8.0kg
RSX42000 Standard OE 2000mm 10.8kg
RSX42500 Standard OE 2500mm 13.5kg

Sleeves & Clip

Rapidshor Joint Base Sleeves
Code Description Weight
RSX10005 Joint Sleeve 300mm 1.5kg
RSX10010 Base Sleeve 216mm 1.1kg
RSX10009 Rapidshor Sleeve Clip 0.1kg


Rapidshor Ledgers
Code Description Weight
RSX20300 Rapidshor Ledger 300mm 2.2kg
RSX20600 Rapidshor Ledger 600mm 3.2kg
RSX20900 Rapidshor Ledger 900mm 4.3kg
RSX21200 Rapidshor Ledger 1200mm 5.4kg
RSX21500 Rapidshor Ledger 1500mm 6.4kg
RSX21800 Rapidshor Ledger 1800mm 7.5kg
RSX22400 Rapidshor Ledger 2400mm 9.6kg
RSX23000 Rapidshor Ledger 3000mm 11.8kg
AWL - the Ledger acting in tension or compression = 20kN

Adjustable Braces

Rapidshor Adjustable Braces
Code Description Weight
RSX30003 Super Short Adjustable Jack Brace. Range: 840 - 1280mm 6.4kg
RSX30002 Short Adjustable Jack Brace. Range: 1085 - 1770mm 8.1kg
RSX30001 Long Adjustable Jack Brace. Range: 1530 - 2660mm 11.4kg

Fixed Braces

Code Description Weight
RSX31009 Fixed Brace 1000 x 900mm (Self) 4.9kg
RSX31012 Fixed Brace 1000 x 1200mm (Purple) 5.4kg
RSX31015 Fixed Brace 1000 x 1500mm (Blue) 8.0kg
RSX31018 Fixed Brace 1000 x 1800 (Red) 8.0kg
RSX31024 Fixed Brace 1000 x 2400mm (White) 9.9kg
RSX31509 Fixed Brace 1500 x 900mm (Yellow) 6.1kg
RSX31512 Fixed Brace 1500 x 1200mm (Pink) 6.6kg
RSX31515 Fixed Brace 1500 x 1500mm (Orange) 8.3kg
RSX31518 Fixed Brace 1500 x 1800mm (Green) 9.1kg
RSX31524 Fixed Brace 1500 x 2400mm (Brown) 12.9kg
RSX31530 Fixed Brace 1500 x 3000mm (Light Brown) 15.4kg
RSX32012 Fixed Brace 2000 x 1200mm (Blue-Green) 9.2kg
RSX32015 Fixed Brace 2000 x 1500mm (Yellow) 7.5kg
RSX32018 Fixed Brace 2000 x 1800mm (Black) 12.4kg
RSX32024 Fixed Brace 2000 x 2400mm (Bright Red) 14.2kg
RSX32030 Fixed Brace 2000 x 3000mm (Dark Brown) 16.3kg
*This Brace also fits a 900 x 1500mm bay.

Adjustable Jack

Code Description Weight
RSX10004 Rapidshor Jack. Range = 25 - 540mm 6.1kg
RSU10340 Rapidshor Short Jack 25-340mm 5.0kg


Rapidshor Bases
Code Description Weight
RSX10002 Rapidshor Base 165mm 3.1kg
RSX10006 Tilt Base 227mm 7.7kg


Rapidshor Heads Collection
Code Description Weight
RSX10003 Rapidshor Brace U-Head 182mm 6.7kg
RSX10007 Rapidshor Tilt Head 182mm wide 13.1kg
RSX10008 Rapidshor U Plate 8 thk x 182mm Wide 5.3kg
RSX10001 Rapidshor U Plate 8 thk x 220mm Wide 5.7kg

Board Bearers

Alshor Plus Board Bearers
Code Description Weight
ASX61200 Board Bearer 1200mm 5.7kg
ASX61800 Board Bearer 1800mm 7.9kg
ASX62400 Board Bearer 2400mm 10.2kg
ASX63000 Board Bearer 3000mm 15.2kg

Stair Access

Rapidshor Stair Unit
Code Description Weight
RSX70003 Stair Handrail 11.0kg
RSX70006 Stair Unit - Steel 70.0kg
BNX12007 M12x100 Set Pin gr8.8 BZP 0.01kg
BNU12001 M12 Nut gr8.8 BZP 0.01kg
BNU12002 M12 Round Washer 0.01kg
SWL = 2.5kN/m²

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