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A Trapezoidal girder formwork system that has a plywood face and is fully adjustable to suit most radius for curved wall formwork applications.

Trapeze – Curved Wall Formwork 

Trapeze – Curved Wall Formwork


Outside Panels

Code Description Weight
TZU20675 Trapeze Outside Panel 600x750 54.2kg
TZU20615 Trapeze Outside Panel 600x1500 69.0kg
TZU20630 Trapeze Outside Panel 600x3000 137.4kg
TZU21275 Trapeze Outside Panel 1200x750 133.4kg
TZU21215 Trapeze Outside Panel 1200x1500 158.0kg
TZU21230 Trapeze Outside Panel 1200x3000 315.2kg
TZU22475 Trapeze Outside Panel 2400x750 246.4kg
TZU22415 Trapeze Outside Panel 2400x1500 299.0kg
TZU22430 Trapeze Outside Panel 2400x3000 556.0kg

Inside Panels

Trapeze Inside Panel
Code Description Weight
TZU57575 Trapeze Inside Panel 575 x750 53.2kg
TZU57515 Trapeze Inside Panel 575x1500 67.4kg
TZU57530 Trapeze Inside Panel 575x3000 137.4kg
TZU11575 Trapeze Inside Panel 1150x750 130.0kg
TZU11515 Trapeze Inside Panel 1150x1500 150.2kg
TZU11530 Trapeze Inside Panels 1150x3000 302.0kg
TZU23075 Trapeze Inside Panel 2300x750 235.6kg
TZU23015 Trapeze Inside Panel 2300x1500 281.0kg
TZU23030 Trapeze Inside Panels 2300x3000 539.0kg

Plastic Fillers

Trapeze Plastic Filler
Code Description Weight
TZU12075 Trapeze Plastic Filler 20x750 1.0kg
TZU12015 Trapeze Plastic Filler 20x1500 2.0kg
TZU10025 Trapeze Plastic Filler 20x3000 4.0kg
TZU14075 Trapeze Plastic Filler 40x750 2.0kg
TZU14015 Trapeze Plastic Filler 40x1500 4.0kg
TZU14030 Trapeze Plastic Filler 40x3000 8.0kg

Stripping Angle

Trapeze Stripping Angle
Code Description Weight
TZU10021 Trapeze Stripping Angle 80 x 750 3.9kg
TZU18015 Trapeze Stripping Angle 80 x 1500 7.8kg
TZU18030 Trapeze Stripping Angle 80 x 3000 14.3kg

Steel Fillers

Trapeze Steel Filler
Code Description Weight
TZU16075 Trapeze Steel Filler 60x750 4.9kg
TZU16015 Trapeze Steel Filler 60x1500 9.8kg
TZU16030 Trapeze Steel Filler 60x3000 19.0kg
TZU18150 Trapeze Steel Filler 80x1500 10.3kg
TZU10033 Trapeze Steel Filler 80x3000 20.4kg
TZU11075 Trapeze Steel Filler 100x750 5.4kg
TZU11015 Trapeze Steel Filler 100x1500 10.6kg
TZU11030 Trapeze Steel Filler 100x3000 21.3kg
TZU11275 Trapeze Steel Filler 120x750 5.6kg
TZU11215 Trapeze Steel Filler 120x1500 11.5kg
TZU11230 Trapeze Steel Filler 120x3000 22.2kg
TZU11475 Trapeze Steel Filler 140x750 5.8kg
TZU11415 Trapeze Steel Filler 140x1500 11.6kg
TZU11430 Trapeze Steel Filler 140x3000 23.3kg
TZU11615 Trapeze Steel Filler 160x1500 12.5kg
TZU11630 Trapeze Steel Filler 160x3000 24.1kg
TZU12030 Trapeze Steel Filler 200x3000 25.6kg


Trapeze Turnbuckle
Code Description Weight
TZU34560 Trapeze Turnbuckle 450 - 600 2.1kg
TZU36075 Trapeze Turnbuckle 600 - 750 2.7kg
TZU37590 Trapeze Turnbuckle 750 - 900 3.3kg


Trapeze Keybolts
Code Description Weight
TZU10022 Trapeze Keybolt Five Pin 0.3kg
TZU10024 Tapeze Keybolt 0.2kg

Crane Handling

Trapeze Crane Eye
Code Description Weight
TZU10019 Trapeze Crane Lifting Eye 5.5kg


Trapeze Brackets
Code Description Weight
TZU10026 Trapeze Platform Bracket 11.1kg
TZU10034 Trapeze Top Tie Bracket 2.5kg


Code Description Weight
TZU10041 Trapeze Adj Prop 1050mm - 1500mm 9.5kg
TZU10039 Trapeze Adj Prop 1700mm - 2900mm 11.0kg
TZU10038 Trapeze Adj Prop 2600mm - 4000mm 20.0kg
TZU10003 Trapeze Adj Prop 4600mm - 6000mm 36.0kg


Trapeze Accessories
Code Description Weight
TZU10009 Trapeze Waler Plate 1.0kg
TZU10011 Handle Pin & R Clip 130 0.3kg
TZU10020 Trapeze Extension Post 17.0kg
TZU10023 Trapeze Triple Hole Tilt Plate 3.6kg
TZU10037 Pan Head Screw 0.5kg
TZU10040 Foot Plate 3.0kg

Trapeze Tools

Code Description Weight
TZU10018 Trapeze Centreing Tool -
TZU10027 Trapeze Ratchet Spanner 30 -
TZU10032 Trapeze Open Ended Spanner 36 -

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