Bangkok Airport Satellite Terminal Expansion

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  • SYSTEM Shoring
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Shoring solution from RMD Kwikform supports new satellite terminal's roof during construction

Bangkok Airport expansion kept on track by engineering solution from RMD Kwikform

When the joint venture of Power Line Engineering PCL and the China State Construction Company (PCS JV) were selected to construct the new satellite terminal at Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, they turned to RMD Kwikform to provide a shoring solution to support the creation of its metal-clad standing seam roof.

 Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the largest international airports in South-East Asia that services over 60 million travelers annually, which is over a quarter more than it’s intended capacity of 45 million passengers per year. The new midfield satellite terminal is the second phase of a proposed four stage expansion process and will add capacity for an additional 15 million passengers per year by its expected completion date of 2020.

Due to the current overcapacity issues that the airport is facing, the project was under tight deadlines, with the entire construction process set to take less than four years. This placed additional pressures on the RMD Kwikform team to provide an engineering solution that could meet all necessary project milestones and deadlines.

In order to support the construction of a metal-clad standing seam roof, which required the installation of both flat and bow steel roof trusses, as well as steel purlins, RMD Kwikform designed an engineering solution using its heavy duty Rapidshor tower system, along with Superslim Soldiers. As a system renowned for its ease of erection, strength and flexibility, it was the optimum solution to cope with the complexities of the weight and height of the structure, and various loadings and equipment movement. The engineered system also meets increasing sustainability requirements as it consists of fully re-usable components without any waste or scrapping of steel, and is expected to be used elsewhere on the airport project and on other projects throughout Thailand.

RMD Kwikform worked closely with PCS JV from the initial tender stages and demonstrated its engineering solution using its in-house developed 3D visualization programme, LocusEye. This enabled the team to interrogate a realistic looking computer generated 3D model of the proposed solution to confirm that there were no design clashes and that all safety protocols would be adhered to.

RMD Kwikform had previously worked with China State Construction at the Midfield Terminal of the new Abu Dhabi airport providing the design and supply of a complex heavy duty shoring solution to support huge roof trusses during construction. This prior experience and RMD Kwikform’s global network provided PCS JV with the assurance of safe, rapid and cost effective solutions and the highest level of service.

Mark Parsons, Senior Territory Manager for RMD Kwikform, commented: “This was an interesting project, as the JV had been accustomed to the use of rather antiquated heavy fabricated steel towers that would require bolting to the new concrete slab, that would have been expensive and requiring client approval for embedded bolts. With the specific requirements around speed of erection,  safety and maneuverability, we were able to provide full engineering design and then demonstrate using LocusEye that our shoring solution would meet all of the requirements without any clashes with the structure and without the need for additional bolts embedded into the post-tension slab. This saved a vast amount of money and time for the customer.

“Through early collaboration with the customer, we were able to ensure that our designs were fully understood right from the initial tender stages and that any design changes were made efficiently and swiftly. We also assisted the site teams with demonstrations on how to erect and dismantle our equipment; this was instrumental in keeping the project fast, safe and on track and also beating all associated project milestones.”

Mr. Naphawuth Prachammuang Project Manager for PCS JV, said: “By working with RMD Kwikform on this project, we’ve been able to take advantage of their expertise in the sector and benefit from their innovative solutions. The RMD Kwikform team has put in a lot of work and have provided a great engineering package that reduced the projects timeline and added significant value to the development.”

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