Flour Mill Silos

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  • SYSTEM Climbing Formwork, Formwork, Shoring
  • PRODUCT GTX Beams, Rapidclimb, Rapidshor, Superslim Soldiers
  • STRUCTURE TYPE Industrial

This project consisted of the construction of a new flour mill in Bahrain. The flour mill consisted of reinforced concrete silos, which were up to 86m high, 4200mm wide and hexagonal in shape. There were twenty identical silos to be constructed in total for this flour mill.

The systems offered to our customers for this project were based around speed in cycle times, along with ensuring they would be a simple and easy system to use by the customer’s workforce.

The 86m high silos were constructed using RMD Kwikform’s Rapidclimb system, with a pour height of 3,100mm. The silos were constructed in two phases of ten silos in each phase to be completed in seven days. The raft slab for the silos was supported by RMD Kwikform’s 80kN shoring system, Rapidshor. The wall shutters were constructed using RMD Kwikform Superslim Soldiers and GTX timber beams.

The contractor liked the solution for the silos due to its simplicity and quick cycle times that have been achieved in the past.

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