Tripoli Airport, Libya

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  • SYSTEM Shoring
  • PRODUCT Alshor Plus, GTX Beams, Kwikstage Propping, Rapidshor, Superslim Soldiers
  • STRUCTURE TYPE Airports and Ports

Supporting the construction of this fast-track project, RMD Kwikform is supplying formwork and shoring including systems for foundations, utility tunnels, walls, columns, beams and slabs.

RMD Kwikform Middle East combines international logistics with local expertise to make a valuable contribution to the successful expansion of Libya’s Tripoli airport. The ambitious US$2.1 Billion expansion of Libya’s Tripoli airport will make Libya the key player in the African aviation hub.

Once completed the expansion will handle 20 million passengers annually and have the ability to serve up to 100 airplanes simultaneously. For RMD Kwikform Middle East the focus was on supplying formwork and shoring equipment and engineering support for the construction of two 162,000m² main terminal buildings, baggage-handling areas and in excess of 1km of utility tunnel running alongside the concourses.

In fact, RMD Kwikform is supplying the majority of formwork and shoring to the project, including solutions for foundations, utility tunnels, walls, columns, beams and slabs.

The fast track nature and sheer scale of the expansion project created a logistical challenge for RMD Kwikform, resulting in 1.1million kg of equipment being mobilised within just 10 weeks, reinforcing RMD Kwikform’s reputationas a truly global supplier of formwork and shoring solutions.

RMD Kwikform engineers first had to focus their attentions on the construction of the 162,000m² terminal buildings and completion of the baggage-handling hall. The need to incorporate complex mechanical and electrical services made early completion of the 9.5m high Baggage Handling Hall the most critical part of the project to date.

Bernard Buenaluz, RMD Kwikform Design Engineer for the Project met the challenge of creating 9.5m in a restrictive time period head on: “The demanding architecture of this design meant we had to create a bespoke solution, RMD Kwikform provided all-steel column forms with four different cross-sections: circular, rectangular, T shaped and back facing semi circles. Large panel wall forms assembled from Superslim Soldiers and GTX are also provided in this area which, along with the column systems, are used in a climbing configuration with brackets and anchor screws to allow the full 9.5m height of walls to be achieved in just two pours, saving valuable programme time on this project.”

For the main structure of the terminal buildings, including baggage handling, central core and the three concourse areas the challenge was again about meeting the exacting needs of the design and programme time. The structure consists of 1m deep in-situ concrete beams at heights of 4.5m and 10.5m.These beams are supported using RMD Kwikform’s Kwikstage and the fully galvanized 80kN Rapidshor respectively. The cast in-situ beams supported a range of pre-cast beams to form the typical slabs with a number of bespoke formed in situ slabs where a precast solution was just not viable.

The fast track nature of this project continued with the construction of the 1km utility tunnel. The key to delivering the tunnel within a strict programme time was to reduce crane time, by simply eliminating the need for constant craning of the shuttering; a considerable time saving could be attained.
Bernard explains how RMD Kwikform delivered a solution to meet the customer’s time scales. “We designed and supplied a formwork traveller assembled from steel Superslim Soldiers to carry four 6m long Superslim Soldier and GTX shutters continually along the length of the 1km tunnel, reducing crane time and accelerating construction. The slabs are poured soon after the walls and are formed with mobile tables assembled from 80kN Rapidshor systems. Undisturbed 4m long, 120kN Alshor Plus legs are employed as back-propping to support the 400mm thick slab to facilitate early striking of the tables.”RMD Kwikform Middle East’s contribution to this project went beyond supplying the necessary formwork and shoring, including monthly visits from the RMD Kwikform Site Assistance team and the deployment of an RMD Kwikform Design Engineer to work within the engineering team of the clients, TAV, Odebrecht and CCC Consortium.

To assist in maintaining affordability on the project, a number of materials supplied by RMD Kwikform on previous projects such as the Dubai Mall project were reused at Tripoli airport. This combined with the permanent on site engineering support enabled RMD Kwikform to deliver a cost effective, safe solution for the project, working with the clients to incorporate existing equipment. RMD Kwikform Middle East’s Export Manager Alexis Potter comments; “The global nature of the relationship between RMD Kwikform and the joint venture companies has allowed us to facilitate the reuse of equipment from our client’s UAE stock-holding to provide a more cost effective and efficient solution to their project in North Africa.”

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