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Wall Formwork

Wall Formwork

Safe, versatile and efficient wall formwork solutions


Easy Operation

The Rack and Pinion activation mechanism is operated from a comfortable position to one side of the bracket. There is a wedge locking device which secures the position of the shutter when formwork is stationary.

Simple Adjustment

Simple lateral adjustment of the form relative to platform by way of slotted mountings. Integral vertical adjustment jack for fine levelling of shutter relative to platform.

Plenty of Working Space

750mm working space on inside of formwork when retracted.

Simple Handling

The platform and form are crane handled as a single element.

Suspended Platform

System suspended platforms enable removal of wall brackets and necessary concrete finishing.

Recoverable Anchor Screws

For vertical loads of up to 30kN Climbing Brackets connect to the wall with recoverable anchor screws - no lost parts (For higher loads an anchor cone and lost plate are used.)

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