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Aluminium Beams

Aluminium Beams

A portfolio of three versatile, lightweight and durable aluminium beams with an extensive range of accessories. The beams form a complete system that can be used for virtually unlimited configurations and applications.

Aluminium Beams 

Aluminium Beams



Code Description Weight
AFX11200 Beam Alform 1200mm 6.8kg
AFX11500 Beam Alform 1500mm 8.5kg
AFX11800 Beam Alform 1800mm 10.2kg
AFX12100 Beam Alform 2100mm 11.9kg
AFX12400 Beam Alform 2400mm 13.6kg
AFX12700 Beam Alform 2700mm 15.2kg
AFX13000 Beam Alform 3000mm 16.9kg
AFX13300 Beam Alform 3300mm 18.6kg
AFX13600 Beam Alform 3600mm 20.3kg
AFX14200 Beam Alform 4200mm 23.7kg
AFX14800 Beam Alform 4800mm 27.1kg
AFX15400 Beam Alform 5400mm 30.5kg
AFX16000 Beam Alform 6000mm 33.9kg
AFX17200 Beam Alform 7200mm 40.7kg


Code Description Weight
ABX11200 Beam Albeam 1200mm 9.9kg
ABX11800 Beam Albeam 1800mm 14.8kg
ABX12400 Beam Albeam 2400mm 19.7kg
ABX12700 Beam Albeam 2700mm 22.3kg
ABX13000 Beam Albeam 3000mm 24.7kg
ABX13300 Beam Albeam 3300mm 27.2kg
ABX13600 Beam Albeam 3600mm 29.6kg
ABX14200 Beam Albeam 4200mm 34.6kg
ABX14800 Beam Albeam 4800mm 39.5kg
ABX15400 Beam Albeam 5400mm 44.5kg
ABX16000 Beam Albeam 6000mm 49.4kg
ABX17200 Beam Albeam 7200mm 59.3kg

Universal Clamp

Alsec Universal Clamp
Code Description Weight
ALX10001 Universal Clamp 0.7kg

Alform Superslim Clamp

Alform Superslim Clamp
Code Description Weight
AFX20015 Clamp - Superslim 0.14kg
AFX20022 Bolt M12 Uni-fix 0.05kg
BNU12001 M12 Nut gr8.8 BZP 0.01kg
AFX20012 Clamp Assembly - Superslim 0.2kg

Alform Wedge Clamp

Alform Wedge Clamp Assembly
Code Description Weight
AFX20017 Clamp Assembly Wedge 0.22kg

Alform Internal Corner

Alform internal Corner
Code Description Weight
AFX20007 Internal Corner 1.10kg
AFX20002 Alignment Angle 2.26kg

Alform Internal Splice Unit

Alform Splice Unit
Code Description Weight
AFX20008 Internal Splice 3.22kg
AFX20014 Splice Unit - Arm 75mm 0.33kg
AFX20013 Clamp Block - Splice 0.09kg
AFX20019 Internal Splice Clamp 0.91kg

Alform Light Duty Corner Strap

Code Description Weight
AFX20010 Outside Cornerstrap AWL = 20kN 6.18kg
BNX16001 M16 x 75 Bolt Gr8.8 0.16kg

Alform Lok Clamp

Alform Lok Clamp
Code Description Weight
AFX20009 Clamp - Lok C/W Pin AWL = 20 kN 1.17kg

Alform Adjustable Pivot

Alform Adjustable internal corner
Code Description Weight
AFX20001 Adjustable Internal Corner 3.81kg
AFX20018 Pin - Fixing M16 dia 0.24kg
SSU10011 R-Clip 0.03kg

Alform Clamp Plate

Alform Clamp Plate
Code Description Weight
AFX20003 Alform Beam Clamp Plate 0.1kg

Alform External Corner Bracket

Alform External Corner Bracket
Code Description Weight
AFX20005 External Corner Bracket 2.9kg

Serrated Double Nut

Code Description Weight
AFA10015 Serrated Double Nut 0.11kg

Alform Prop Bracket

Code Description Weight
AFA10020 Alform Prop Brkt 3.45kg

Alform Lifting Bracket

Code Description Weight
AFA10050 Alform Lifting Bracket 3.27kg

Aluminium Beam Fixings

Aluminium Beam Fixings
Code Description Weight
AFX20022 M12 Unifix Bolt 0.05kg
BNU12001 Nut - M12 Hex Gr8.8 0.01kg
BNX12009 M12x75 Set Pin Gr8.8 BZP 0.04kg

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