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Ascent-F Guided Climbing formwork for hi-rise concrete construction

Ascent-F – Climbing Formwork 

Ascent-F – Climbing Formwork

Features & Benefits

Ascent-F is a new guided climbing formwork system developed with our customers to speed cycle times and reduces labour costs. Ascent is fully adaptable to fit all formwork systems, and is suitable for inclined, stepped, circular or straight surfaces. All necessary safety features completely integrated.

  • Versatile Can be used with any formwork system to construct piers and straight or curved walls sloping by up to 20 degrees.
  • Starts from the first wall lift The masts are safely extended in-situ - speeding early construction cycles, reducing labour and saving valuable site space.
  • Can be lifted in high winds and if no cranage is available The simple Ascent hydraulic system can be used - ensures you meet those tight construction deadlines.
  • Peace of mind for operatives The highly visible Ascent latch connects securely with the Ascent Wall Brackets. ELEV (Electronic Latch Engagement Verification) system further enhances operator confidence.
  • Components developed with manual handling and safety in mind Pre-assembly of equipment can be carried out without cranes at ground level.
  • Makes the job easy Wall brackets can be pre-mounted on the cast-in wall anchor before adding the connecting bolt making this a fast job for a single operative.
  • Increases your options At the end of the job Ascent platforms can be removed by raising, lowering or moving directly away from the building, reducing the required crane height.

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