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The definitive formwork primary beam




Superslim Soldier Beams

Superslim Soldiers
Code Description Weight
SSX13600 Superslim Soldier 3600mm 72.2kg
SSX12700 Superslim Soldier 2700mm 55.4kg
SSX11800 Superslim Soldier 1800mm 38.8kg
SSX10900 Superslim Soldier 900mm 22.0kg
SSX10720 Superslim Soldier 720mm 18.7kg
SSX10540 Superslim Soldier 540mm 15.2kg
SSX10360 Superslim Soldier 360mm 11.9kg
SSU10035 Superslim Soldier - 360mm O/E 11.7kg
SSX10090 Superslim Soldier 90mm 7.3kg
SSX10040 Superslim End Plate 10mm 2.9kg

Joint Stiffener

Superslim Joint Stiffener
Code Description Weight
SSU10010 Superslim Joint Stiffener 1.4kg
BNU16013 M16x110 Bolt Gr8.8 BZP 0.2kg
BNU16001 M16 Nut gr8 BZP 0.03kg
AWL = 20kNm bending / 150kN tension

Lifting Plate

Superslim Lifting Plate
Code Description Weight
SSU10032 Superslim Lifting Plate 15kN 3.2kg
SSX10046 Superslim 19mm Pin & R Clip 0.3kg
AWL = 30kN / pair

Access Bracket

Superslim Bracket Access
Code Description Weight
SSU10031 Superslim Access Bracket 6.7kg
AWL on the bracket = 3.2kN UDL

Turnbuckle and Plumbing Foot

Superslim Turnbuckle Plumbing Foot
Code Description Weight
SSU10016 Superslim Turnbuckle 914-1160 8.4kg
SSU10033 Superslim Plumbing Foot 11.5kg
SSX10046 Superslim 19mm Pin & R Clip 0.3kg

Support Plate

Code Description Weight
SSX10042 Superslim Form Support Plate 5.3kg
BNU16007 M16x40 Set Pin gr8.8 BZP 0.09kg
BNU16001 M16 Nut gr8.8 BZP 0.03kg
AWL = 10kN

Timber Waling Clamp Assembly

Superslim Timber Waling Clamp Assembly
Code Description Weight
BNU10054 Bolt - Metric Waling 117x117 0.3kg
BNU10055 Bolt - Metric Waling 176x127 0.4kg
SSU10017 Waling Clamp Plate 0.4kg
BNX20014 Washer - Plate 50x50x6x18mm 0.1kg
BNU16001 M16 Nut gr.8.8 BZP 0.03kg
Connects Soldiers to timber waling

B Clamp

Superslim B-Clamp
Code Description Weight
RPX10005 "B" Clamp 0.7kg
AWL = 3.25 kN / pair

'G' Clamp

Superslim G-Clamp
Code Description Weight
BNX16007 M16x220 Bolt gr8.8 BZP 0.4kg
BNX20020 Washer - Channel 150x75x18mm 0.7kg
RPX10008 'G' Clamp - Tube Type M16 0.6kg
Connects scaffold tube to the soldier (does not project above the tube surface)

Slimshor Tube Clamp

Superslim Slimshor Tube Clamp
Code Description Weight
SSU10024 Slimshor Tube Clamp 1.3kg
AWL = 6.25kN in slip / each

Half Coupler

Code Description Weight
SFX10018 Half Coupler 0.5kg
BNU16008 M16x40 Set Pin gr8.8 C/Snk HTZP 0.05kg
BNU16001 M16 Nut gr8.8 BZP 0.03kg

Waling Clamp Plate

Code Description Weight
SSU10017 Superslim Waling Clamp Plate 0.4kg
BNU16002 M16 Round Washer BZP 0.1kg
BNU16013 M16x110 Bolt gr8.8 BZP 0.2kg
BNU16001 M16 Nut gr8.8 BZP 0.03kg

Alform Superslim Clamp

Alform Superslim Clamp
Code Description Weight
AFX20015 Clamp - Superslim 0.14kg
AFX20022 Bolt M12 Uni-fix 0.05kg
BNU12001 M12 Nut gr8.8 BZP 0.01kg
AFX20012 Clamp Assembly - Superslim 0.2kg

Universal Clamp

Alsec Universal Clamp
Code Description Weight
ALX10001 Universal Clamp 0.7kg

Flange to Flange Wedge Clamp

Code Description Weight
ALX10002 Flange to Flange Wedge Clamp 0.5kg

Alshor Superslim Clamp

Code Description Weight
ASX10056 Alshor Superslim Clamp 0.7kg

15mm Rapid Tie Waler Plates

Code Description Weight
BTX10014 Waler Plate - Light 55kN 1.1kg
BTX10021 Waler Plate - Standard 70kN 1.4kg
BTX10004 Waler Plate - Heavy Duty 90kN 1.8kg

15mm Rapid Tie Angle Waler Plates

Code Description Weight
HTU10014 Waler Plate - Angle 3/4" 70kN 1.3kg

20mm Rapid Tie Waler Plates

Code Description Weight
BTX10029 Waler Plate - Hi Load 160kN 6.8kg

Porthole Bearing

Code Description Weight
SSX10039 Porthole Bearing 65kN 2.0kg

Adjustable Base

Superslim Adjustable Base
Code Description Weight
SFU10025 Superslim Adjustable Base 365-515mm 19.0kg
Spreads and transfers loads from Superslim props where length adjustment is necessary - AWL=150kN (100kN when load is released via the jack handle).

Adjustable Rocking Head

Superslim Rocking Head
Code Description Weight
SSU10026 Superslim Adjustable Head 440-590mm 24.6kg
AFX20003 Clamp Plate 0.1kg
BNX12009 M12x25 Set Pin gr8.8 BZP 0.04kg
BNC12002 M12x30 Set Pin gr8.8 BZP 0.04kg
Supports header beams where length adjustment is required - Adjustable range 440-590mm - AWL= 150kN ( 100kNwhere length adjustment is required)

Rocking Head

Superslim Rocking Head 36mm
Code Description Weight
SSU10023 Superslim Rocking Head 36mm 4.3kg
BNX10005 M10x20 Set Pin Gr 8.8 BZP 0.02kg
SSU10029 Rocking Head Washer - M10 Galv 0.02kg
Maximum angle of tilt = 28 degrees, AWL=150kN

Superslim Prop Support Plate

Code Description Weight
SSX10041 Superslim Prop Support Plate 6.3kg
BNX20027 M20x45 Set Pin gr8.8 BZP Csk 0.2kg
BNU20001 M20 Hex Nut gr8 0.06kg

Corner Pivot

Superslim Corner Pivot
Code Description Weight
SSU10019 Superslim Corner Pivot 7.3kg
AWL = 65kN / Pivot

Prop Spade End Link & Prop Pivot Tube

Superslim prop spade end link and prop pivot tube
Code Description Weight
SSU10012 Spade End Link - Prop 3.1kg
SSU10004 Superslim Prop Pivot Tube 1.8kg
Connects a heavy duty push-pull prop to the porthole of another soldier - AWL = 65 kN

100Kn Prop Connector

Code Description Weight
SSU10038 Superslim Prop Connector 100kN 6.8kg
AWL = 100kN

Prop Tube End Links

Superslim Tube End Link Prop
Code Description Weight
SSU10013 Superslim Prop Tube End Link 2.9kg
SSX10051 Superslim Short Prop Tube End Link 1.8kg
Connects heavy duty push-pull props to Megashor - AWL = 100kN

Prop Jacks LH and RH

Superslim Prop Jack Left
Code Description Weight
SSU10007 Superslim Prop Jack (LH) 14.5kg
SSU10008 Superslim Prop Jack (RH) 14.5kg
Converts soldiers into heavy duty push-pull props - Adj Range = 405-635mm / AWL = 100 kN

Tilt Plate

Superslim Tilt Plate
Code Description Weight
SSU10034 Superslim Tilt Plate 4.8kg
BNU24001 Nut - Hexagon M24 0.06kg
BNX24002 M24x110 Bolt gr8.8 BZP 0.5kg
Connects heavy duty push-pull props to a surface - AWL = 100 kN

Universal Soldier Jack

Code Description Weight
SSX90043 Superslim Universal Soldier Jack 5.6kg
Used in horizontal & vertical plumbing & levelling applications. Range 115mm closed to 400mm fully open.

Corner Angles

Code Description Weight
SSU10003 Superslim 90 Degree Corner 8.7kg
SSU10005 Superslim 45 Degree Corner 8.0kg

Pivot Cleat Set

Superslim Pivot Cleat Set
Code Description Weight
SSU10028 Superslim Pivot Cleat set 8.8kg
Range = 55 degrees min, 220 degrees max

Pivot Corner

Code Description Weight
SSX10037 Superslim Pivot Corner 20mm 4.1kg

6-Way connector

Superslim Multislim 6 way connector
Code Description Weight
SSU20006 6-Way connector 25.0kg
A node to connect six soldiers at right-angles

6-Way Double Connector

Superslim 6-way Double Connector
Code Description Weight
SSU20066 6 Way Double Connector 37.7kg

Anchor Plate

Superslim Anchor Plate
Code Description Weight
SSU10036 Anchor Plate 7.40kg
Secures the end of a soldier to a floor or wall - AWL: = 70 kN Tension / 90 kN Shear

Safety Latch

Code Description Weight
SSX10048 Superslim Safety Latch 1.6kg

Klik Klak Latch

Code Description Weight
SSU10037 Superslim Klik Klak Latch 3.9kg

Klik Klak Wall Pocket

Code Description Weight
SSU10044 Klik-Klak Wall Pocket 1.7kg
BNU20016 M20x130 Bolt gr8.8 BZP 0.4kg
BNU20003 M20 Round Washer BZP 0.03kg

Spreader Beam Adaptor

Superslim Spreader Beam Adaptor
Code Description Weight
SSX10052 Spreader Beam Adaptor Assembly 9.4kg
Used to attach and spread chains in lifting applications - AWL = 45kN per unit. AWL of Spreader Beam = 90kN (see technical data sheets)

Fixed Strut & Adaptor

Code Description Weight
SSM00007 Fixed Strut Adaptor 16.0kg
SSM00008 Fixed Strut 2896mm 39.0kg

Single Sided Beam

Code Description Weight
SSM10540 Single Sided Beam 540mm 16.0kg

Single Sided Corner

Code Description Weight
SSM00001 Single Sided Corner 540 x 540mm 30.0kg

Bolts, Nuts and Pins

Superslim bolts nuts and pins
Code Description Weight
BNU16007 M16x40 Set Pin gr8.8 BZP 0.09kg
BNU16013 M16x110 Bolt gr8.8 BZP 0.2kg
BNU16008 M16x40 Set Pin gr8.8 BZP Csk 0.05kg
BNU16001 M16 Nut gr8.8 BZP 0.03kg
BNU20001 M20 Nut gr8 0.06kg
BNU24001 M24 Nut gr8 0.08kg
BNX20030 M20x90 gr8.8 BZP 0.28kg
BNX24001 M24x45 Set Pin gr8.8 BZP 0.26kg
BNX24002 M24x110 Bolt gr8.8 BZP 0.48kg
SSX10046 Superslim 19mm Pin and R Clip 0.29kg

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