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Our Hybrid Hydraulic Tubular Shoring System is used for propping waling beams or capping beams of large excavations and for vertical applications such as bridge bearing replacement. It comes in a range of diameters to tackle all of your ultra heavy duty shoring requirements.



Features & Benefits

Tubeshor can be used in both ground shoring and vertical propping applications.

  • Tubeshor comes in 3 sizes Tubeshor 320, Tubeshor 610, and Tubeshor 1060 will cope with all your shoring demands.
  • Comprehensive range of lengths Multiple extension lengths allow for coarse adjustment of the Tubeshor prop range. This provides flexibility to cope with horizontal propping lengths up to 50m with fewest possible joints.
  • Robust Construction Heavy duty construction using high grade steels, designed to be less prone to damage.
  • Innovative Design Additional bottom bolts in the flange joint boost performance in horizontal applications & Tapered Pre-camber Shims reduce self weight deflection on horizontal struts, increasing allowable prop loads.
  • Safety Built-in The ram unit & leg extensions are fitted with integral forklift points/stands and rotation stops to enable safe handling and stacking when not in use and during transportation.
  • Enhanced Performance The inner section of the ram unit extends by up to 800mm and is threaded to enable mechanical lock-off using a robust screwed collar which increases the allowable working load of the ram unit to 4500kN.
  • Economical Alternatives Burnout Packs and Weldable Stubs facilitate reduced cost options for versatile and economical longer term propping solutions.
  • Unique Spherical Bearer Provides 5 degrees of rotational freedom in any plane & locks in rotation subsequent to the application of load, thus reducing the effective length of the strut.

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