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Our Hybrid Hydraulic Tubular Shoring System is used for propping waling beams or capping beams of large excavations and for vertical applications such as bridge bearing replacement. It comes in a range of diameters to tackle all of your ultra heavy duty shoring requirements.




Tubeshor 320 Extensions

CPN 1 - Tubeshor 610 Extension
Code Description Weight
TGX03009 Tubeshor 320 Extension 900mm 84.8kg
TGX03018 Tubeshor 320 Extension 1800mm 141.0kg
TGX03027 Tubeshor 320 Extension 2700mm 197.0kg
TGX03054 Tubeshor 320 Extension 5400mm 366.0kg
TGX03072 Tubeshor 320 Extension 7200mm 479.0kg

Tubeshor 1060 Extensions

CPN 1 - Tubeshor 610 Extension
Code Description Weight
TGX10144 Tubeshor 1060 Extension 1.44m 844kg
TGX10288 Tubeshor 1060 Extension 2.88m 1460kg
TGX10576 Tubeshor 1060 Extension 5.76m 2660kg
TGX11152 Tubeshor 1060 Extension 11.52m 5050kg

Tubeshor 610 Extensions

CPN 1 - Tubeshor 610 Extension
Code Description Weight
TGX06005 Tubeshor 610 Extension 500mm 186kg
TGX06010 Tubeshor 610 Extension 1000mm 305kg
TGX06020 Tubeshor 610 Extension 2000mm 518kg
TGX06030 Tubeshor 610 Extension 3000mm 703kg
TGX06040 Tubeshor 610 Extension 4000mm 888kg
TGX06070 Tubeshor 610 Extension 7000mm 1448kg
TGX06115 Tubeshor 610 Extension 11500mm 2411kg

Ram Unit

Code Description Weight
TGX06200 Tubeshor 610 Ram Unit 1675-2475mm 2260kg
TGX06201 Tubeshor 610 Ramlock Unit 1675-2475mm 2415kg
Note Ramlock Unit Has locking collar

Tubeshor Adaptor Cone

Code Description Weight
TGX10000 Tubeshore 1060 - 610 Adaptor Cone 1000mm 437kg

Tubeshor 320 Prop End

Code Description Weight
TGX03102 Tubeshor 320 Prop End 46.7kg

Tubeshor Telescopic Jack

Code Description Weight
TGX03101 Tubeshor 320 Telescopic Strut 376.2kg
BVU80000 Drag Strut Pin 59 x 440mm 9.3kg
BVU70001 8mm R-Clip BZP 0.14kg

Spherical Bearer

CPN 4 - Tubeshor 610 Spherical Bearer
Code Description Weight
TGX06206 Tubeshor 610 Spherical Bearer 358kg
TGX03103 Tubeshor 320 Spherical Bearer 42.5kg
Note Tubeshor 320 spherical bearer is square on both plates

Tubeshor Pre-camber Shim Set

Code Description Weight
TGX10001 Tubeshor 1060 Pre-Camber Shim Set 102kg

Pre-camber Shim

CPN_Tubeshor 610 shims
Code Description Weight
TGX06209 Tubeshor 610 Pre-camber Shim 0.5 Deg 32.9kg

Swivel Unit Assembly with e-Pin

Code Description Weight
TGX06400 Tubeshor 610 Swivel Unit with e-Pin 557kg
TGX06401 Tubeshor Wireless e-Pin 21kg
TGX06402 Wireless e-Pin Repeater Unit 0.29kg
TGX06403 Wireless e-Pin USB Base Station 0.17kg
TGX06404 Wireless e-Pin Mains Base Station 0.29kg
TGX06405 Wireless e-Pin Hand Held Reader 0.21kg
TGX06410 Wireless e-Pin Data Storage Charge -

Cast in Plate

Code Description Weight
TGX06314 Cast-in Plate 460x490x25mm (16 studs) 54.5kg
TGX06315 Cast-in Plate 575x490x25mm (20 studs) 68.1kg
TGX06316 Cast-in Plate 690x490x25mm (24 studs) 81.7kg
TGX06317 Cast-in Plate 805x490x25mm (28 studs) 95.3kg
TGX06318 Cast-in Plate 920x490x25mm (16 studs) 109kg

Swivel Unit Assembly

CPN 3 - Tubeshor 610 Swivel Unit
Code Description Weight
TGX06202 Tubeshor 610 Plain Swivel Unit Assembly 555kg

Burnout Pack

CPN 5 - Tubeshor 610 Burnout Pack
Code Description Weight
TGX06207 Tubeshor Burnout Pack 250mm 201kg
Note: Tubeshor 610 only

Alloy Bow Shackle

CPN 12 - Tubeshor 610 shackle
Code Description Weight
TGX060210 12 Tonne 1.25" Alloy Bow Shackle 4.43kg

Hydraulic Hose

CPN 11 - Tubeshor 610 hoses
Code Description Weight
VAU10046 Hydraulic Hose Pair 6m - 330/700 bar -

Jack Plates

Code Description Weight
TGX06213 Tubeshor 610 Jack Plate 800 x 60mm 218kg
TGX06214 Tubeshor 610 Jack Plate 620 x 60mm 132kg

Blanking Plate

CPN 6 - Tubeshor 610 Blanking Plate
Code Description Weight
TGX06028 Tubeshor 610 Blanking Plate 25mm 120kg
TGX03100 Tubeshor 320 Blanking Plate 40mm 43kg
Note Tubeshor 320 blanking plate is circular

Weldable Stubs

Code Description Weight
TGX06211 Tubeshor 610 Weldable Stub 410mm - Blue 294kg
TGX06212 Tubeshor 610 Weldable Stub 610mm - Orange 217kg

Diesel Power Pack HP 500/120bar (orange)

CPN 10 - Tubeshor 610 Powerpack
Code Description Weight
TGX01000 Diesel Power Pack HP 500/120bar (orange) 301kg

4 Leg Lifting Chains

CPN 13 - Tubeshor 610 4 leg chains
Code Description Weight
VAU10019 4 Leg Chains 3mtr - SWL 6.7 ton 10mm B/H 30kg
VAU10020 4 Leg Chains 5mtr - SWL 6.7 ton 10mm Stnd 60kg

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