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  • SYSTEM Formwork, Propping
  • PRODUCT Aluminium Beams, GTX Beams, Kwikstage Shoring, Rapidshor, Superslim Soldiers
  • STRUCTURE TYPE Leisure, Stadiums

Engineers and RMD Kwikform shoring and falsework equipment support the dreams of 65,000 Iraqi football fans.

Engineers and equipment from formwork and shoring specialist RMD Kwikform are supporting the dreams of 65,000 Iraqi football fans, after being selected by construction specialist Abdullah A. Al Jilburi Contracting Co, as a key supplier during the construction of Basra Sports City in Iraq.

Constructed for the Iraqi Ministry for Sports and Youth, ground works for the impressive new complex commenced on-site in September 2009, RMD Kwikform, who supplied bid assistance to Abdullah A, Al-Jiburi as far back as early 2009, supplied the first formwork and shoring materials to site in February 2010. By the time the superstructure of the stadium was completed RMD Kwikform supplied more than 3.6 million kg of materials to the project and shipped an average of 6 containers a week since the beginning of February 2010!

The three main construction technologies utilised in the construction of this fast-track project are in-situ concrete for the main frame, pre-cast elements for low level sloping beams and seats and structural steel for the roof and external elements of the structure. The complexity of the concrete structure increases the frame extends up from the ground with the heaviest beams located at an elevation of 40m above the ground. To deal with the project’s complexity the client’s requirement to complete the Stadium within a 32 month period, RMD Kwikform has had to develop proposals and ideas in close contact with the contractor’s teams in Iraq and Jordan, as well as the American design consultants for the project at their offices in the US and Dubai.

The formwork and shoring systems supplied to the project have been developed to suit the specific requirements of each area of the stadium. RMD Kwikform has ensured the best possible value for the contractor through a dual focus on the optimum design of systems and on maximising re-usability of equipment across the project. During the early stages of the project, shoring was provided to the low level beams through the supply of Kwikstage scaffold systems with a maximum load capacity of 55kN per leg. A major benefit of this system is its potential for reuse across the project as a high performance access system. As the complexity of the shoring requirements has increased, so has the capacity of the supplied systems. RMD Kwikform supplied the full galvanised, 80kN Capacity Rapidshor system for the upper levels where heavier concrete elements and cumulative loading conditions needed to be considered. The decking for all areas has been provided through the use of Alform (aluminium) primary bearers and GTX secondary beams. This combination ensures a cost efficient solution with lightweight components which promotes ease of handling and on site safety workers. A significant proportion of the top level of the stadium consists of complicated to construct, sloping, cast in-situ raker beams. These raker beams are supported off of Superslim Soldier frames with raking shores which in turn are supported off of Kwikstage platforms.

Developing designs, delivering systems and supplying on-site training and assistance at the Basra Sports City Project has been a complex challenge which has tested all of the regional expertise and knowledge RMD Kwikform has built up in over 60 years of operations. Getting the formwork and shoring solution design, support and project sequencing right were all key to Abdullah A Al-Jiburi Contracting Co, as project manager Engineer Abdul Hussain explains:

Being such a high profile and socially important project for Basra and the country as a whole, we needed to make sure that we selected the right partner to design and supply our formwork and shoring requirements. Because we have worked with RMD Kwikform on a number of projects, we know they have the resources to support our team and can react quickly to any changes in sequencing or design.

Due to the large scale, and fast track nature of project, we have required a lot of equipment to complete the stadium superstructures. Identify the correct type of systems, amount of equipment and getting it to site quickly was a complex logistical challenge. We have risen to this challenge with assistance from RMD Kwikform who are keen to share best practice techniques on equipment management and utilisation that has helped to save both time and money.

Commenting on its’ work in Iraq and the company’s success at the Basra Sports City project, Regional Export Sales Manager for RMD Kwikform Middle East, Alex Potter said:

RMD Kwikform has a long history of working in Iraq and was involved in projects in the country as far back as the 1970’s. The RMD Kwikform brand is synonymous in Iraq with high quality designs and a good quality product.  The company has been involved in a number of prestigious projects in the country before the recent conflicts including the development of Baghdad University. In recent years it is our partnership with Abdullah A. Al-Jiburi Contracting Co. that has led to increased opportunities to assist the Iraqi people during the reconstruction and development of Iraq.

We have completed a number of projects with Abdullah A. Al-Jiburi Contracting Co. in recent years in the fields of infrastructure and water including water treatment plants in Basra, Karbala and Mousel, the supply of pre-cast moulds for the construction of highway bridge beams and most recently in the supply of high shoring systems to support the bridge deck at the Jumhuriah Intersection project. Our client has built up significant trust in the capability of RMD Kwikform and we have developed a partnership approach to supporting successful project delivery in Iraq. It is our partnership approach, and proven engineering experience in delivering large stadia work like Wembley Stadium and Stadium Australia, that has led to us being awarded the prestigious Basra Sports City Project.

During the development of a project of this scale anywhere in the world unexpected challenges will arise. It is how companies deal with these challenges that determine the success of projects. Given the relative isolation of the project one of the crucial elements of our service delivery was how we were able to support the customer on the ground. When we first tendered for the project we recognised that this was critical to its delivery and included permanent on-site support within our offering. The Site Assistance Technician based in Basra has over 15 years of experience in formwork and shoring, with a proven track record of working on large-scale projects in the Middle East region. In providing this level of on-site expertise we have demonstrated our commitment to the client and to projects across the wider region.

One key area where our site operative is invaluable is in the promotion of a safe working environment through the correct equipment handling and use of materials. Health and Safety excellence is a cornerstone of the RMD Kwikform vision whether we are working in Australia, Hong Kong, Dubai or Iraq. We consistently promote industry best practice and our own global health and safety systems which are based on industry leading practices and standards. In the management of equipment flow and availability having RMD Kwikform on site is also a great benefit. On a project of this type, when you are transforming from dock, to site, to erection, to dismantling, storage and handling, the logistics can be incredibly complex.

Alexis concluded.

We have been privileged at RMD Kwikform to be given the opportunity to work on this landmark development in Basra which we hope will serve to assist in putting a proud sporting nation back on the footballing map. It has been our pleasure and good fortune to work on this project as a supplier to Abdullah A. Al-Jilburi Contraction Co, a contractor who values excellence of service and health and safety and is committed to delivering a superb stadium on time and within budget. The main stadium was officially opened in October 2013. The 360-acre complex, designed to be one of Iraq’s major sports centres,  also contains a smaller stadium, practice facilities, a training complex, a swim centre, and other facilities.

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