Castell Coch, Wales

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  • SYSTEM Formwork, Safety
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RMD Kwikform completes a three month restoration to restore the roof and ramparts of Castell Coch in wales, after decades of the Welsh elements cause damage.

As part of a three month mission to restore the damage caused to the roof and ramparts after decades of ravaging attacks from the Welsh elements, Castell Coch has been successfully restored.

Spurred on by their call to arms by Cadw, the historic environment service of the Welsh assembly Government, responsible for the upkeep of Castell Coch, staff from RMD Kwikform’s newly formed gallant repair maintenance and improvement team (RMI), designed a specialist temporary works bracket for the restoration mission.

Tasked with providing a protective platform for skilled stonemasons and roofers to perform essential works, including repairs to the ramparts and main tower roof, without damaging the existing fabric of the building, RMD Kwikform’s RMI team had to focus on delivering a unique temporary works solution that protected both the Castell and the renovation team.

Designed using a range of RMD Kwikform products, including steel Superslim soldiers, turn buckles and special fixings, the triangular shaped bracket arrangement provided direct access to the Castell Coch’s walls allowing the construction of tube and fitting scaffolding, essential to perform much needed repairs. Thanks to the ability to erect the fix system onto the wall of the main tower, the need for a full height scaffold was eliminated, reducing the amount of materials required and significantly reducing the labour costs to erect and dismantle the scaffolding.

Constructed on the ground, each of the 20 bracket arrangements for the main tower was lifted into place using a hydraulic platform and secured to the Castell Coch tower wall using specialist resin based anchors, reducing the need for invasive work. In addition to the main tower the neighbouring ramparts were also fitted with a similar system using 5 brackets, with scaffolding, access platforms and specialist safety screening erected on top of the brackets to allow safe access to all parts of the roof and ramparts for refurbishment work to take place.

On surrounding the retreat from the successful mission, RMD Kwikform team leader, Chris Holland said: “Having used the bracket system on a number of heritage and new projects in the past, our experience allowed us to provide a swift and effective proven solution to Cadw for the Castell Coch refurbishment. Helping Cadw to restore such a major landmark in wales, was a real privilege.”

Now restored to its former glory, Castell Coch is ready to face the elements once more, with its new roof protecting its elegant interior, enabling thousands of visitors to continue to enjoy its picture book beauty.


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