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  • SYSTEM Shoring
  • PRODUCT Alshor Plus
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RMD Kwikform has supplied over 13,000m² of shoring and slab support equipment to the construction of the Majilis Oman Project.

Majilis Oman, meaning The Council of Oman meets at the request of the Sultan of Oman – Qaboos bin Said Al Sail, to study and discuss matters of the state. The new 101,000m² complex comprises of four main elements – the Majilis Oman (which features parliament assembly hall and the upper and lower houses); Majilis A’Ddawla (accommodating 150 members of the upper house and its administrative wing); Majilis A’Shura (holds 150 members of the lower house and its administrative wing); and common facilities – including committee rooms, library, lecture halls and dining facilities.

RMD Kwikform Oman was selected by main contractor Carillion Alwali LLC to design and supply a shoring and slab support solution for the construction of all the in-situ reinforced concrete slabs. For RMD Kwikform Design Engineer Mutuc, Alshor Plus was the perfect solution to the challenge at hand.

Alshor Plus is an extremely versatile light weight aluminium shoring system. It can be utilised in a number of ways, including static towers and moveable table forms to support loads of up to 120kN per leg, which provided us the flexibitlity we required to provide an efficient and safe solution for the construction of the Majilis Oman.

Throughout the project we have had to support reinforced concrete slabs of heights that vary from 3.90m to 13.20m. By utilising Alshor Plus tables to form these slabs we were able to use one system for all of the pours. We have been able to pour and cure a section of slab, then move onto the next section extremely efficiently and safely due to the quick release mechanism incorporated into the Alshor Plus jack.

To accommodate the changes in height we were able to add to the modular shoring structure and then make minute adjustments using the Alshor Plus jacks, which have inbuilt tape measures to assist with speed and accuracy. The combination of being able to move and adjust the tables quickly and safely had almost certainly had a positive effect on the programme time for constructing these slabs.

When not in table form, Alshor Plus has been utilised onsite to provide support to in-situ concrete slabs, Ino continues;

The modular nature and 120kN per leg load of Alshor Plus has made it ideal for propping large slab areas such as those we faced at the Mjilis Oman Project.

With the maximum height of Alshor Plus only being limited to the base grid size, the heights of up to 22.90m we experienced onsite weren’t an issue for Alshor Plus, allowing those onsite to rest assured that the concrete slabs above them were in extremely safe hands.

Paul Buttery, Project Manager, for main contractor Carillion Alawi LLC commented;

RMD Kwikform’s commitment to this project has been outstanding , they have not only supplied an extremely efficient shoring system, but also designated an engineer to be onsite throughout the build to provide frontline support and make sure we get the most out of the supplied solution.


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