Manila Bay Resort

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  • SYSTEM Formwork, Propping, Shoring
  • PRODUCT Airodek, Kwikstage Shoring
  • STRUCTURE TYPE Commercial, Hi-Rise, Leisure
  • REGION Asia Pacific

RMD Kwikform provide high productivity forming and shoring solutions to support Hillmarc Construction


In order to construct the 45-hectare Okada Manila Bay resort in the Philippines, Hilmarc Construction Corporation approached RMD Kwikform to provide a formwork and shoring solution that would ensure high levels of productivity and deliver maximum safety on site.

The Manila Bay complex is situated in an open coastal area in the city of Paranaque. Due to the high wind velocities, the use of cranes was limited, which meant Hilmarc Construction Corporation was faced with multiple challenges around equipment, methods of construction and programme time. Due to the scale of the project, which included the construction of 15 floors in the hotel and a 26,000ft2 casino, the contractor called upon RMD Kwikform to provide a safe solution that would alleviate the need for cranes or working at height. As a result, the formwork and falsework solutions provider delivered on its engineering expertise and supplied its Airodek system to support the beams, slabs and soffits.

Eric Alfonso, Director at RMD Kwikform in the Philippines, said: “Traditionally, a project of this size would utilise a large amount of formwork and shoring, which would have been erected at ground level before being craned into place. However, this was just not possible because of the site’s location. It was vital that we provided a solution that did not rely on crane usage as certain loads being suspended above the site could have posed a dangerous threat to the site workers.”

RMD Kwikform’s Airodek is a versatile, soffit formwork system that can be installed by hand, and is light enough for site operatives to carry. With no additional equipment or cranes needed to erect the Airodek solution, the system was fitted together easily and methodically on site to support a range of slanting columns.

Eric Alfonso continues: “In order to improve the productivity on site, we paired the Airodek system with Kwikstage propping, this included retrofitting 40m steel beams with 19m of shoring. This ensured additional structural support to the slanting beams due to the close proximity to other ongoing works on site.

“The key benefit of our engineering solution was that the site team were able to install 22m2 of formwork per hour. With Airodek’s lightweight panels and minimal components we ensured a 30 per cent weight decrease and 40 per cent fewer parts in comparison to other conventional props and timber systems. This allowed the site team to installer and erect the solution quicker, move the Airodek system across the site more easily without the need of cranes, and reduced labour costs for the customer.”

Tony Garcia, Vice-President of Operations for Hilmarc Construction Corporation, commented: “We knew that by working with RMD Kwikform, we’d be getting the right and best solution for the project. The Airodek system allowed us to cope with the site’s limited access to cranes without lowering our output and helped us to achieve remarkable productivity figures of 22m2 of formwork installed per hour, which enabled us to deliver the project on time and within budget.”

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