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  • SYSTEM Formwork, Shoring
  • PRODUCT GTX Beams, Rapidshor, Superslim Soldiers
  • STRUCTURE TYPE Bridges, Roads

RMD Kwikform Middle East provided the formwork and shoring solution to five bridges on the 10km, six lane, DH449.2 million parallel roads project in Dubai from Italian contractor Todini Construzione Generalis S.p.A.

The new 10km, six-lane road, incorporating five bridges is a much needed bypass system running through Jumeirah lakes for the new developments in Dubai and will link up to the Al Khail road to the Sheik Zayad Road. It is estimated that once opened the road will have an intake of a staggering 18,000 vehicles per hour, providing much needed relief to Dubai’s crowded infrastructure.

The contract for parallel road R881/3a has been awarded to Italian firm, Todini Construzione Generali S.p.A as newcomers to the Middle East construction scene, RMD Kwikform Middle East’s hard earned reputation in this competitive arena made them the perfect formwork and shoring partner for Todini.

RMD Kwikform Middle East’s Key Account Manager for Dubai, talks us through the project.

RMD Kwikform has been awarded this contract not only because of its extensive knowledge, bourne from over 65 years experience – 35 of which we have been operating in the Middle East, but also due to its knowledge and experience of bridge construction. For bridge EW01, we supplied Todini with our high loading 80kN Rapidshor Shoring system. Designed to customer specification the system was constructed to support a 75kN leg load, maximising the efficiency of the Rapidshor system by reducing the quantity of equipment needed to complete the project.

The bridge runs along a radius, meaning we had to design the shoring to accommodate this feature. The design used incorporated a series of Rapidshor towers along the width and length of the bridge; these were then linked together and topped with Superslim Soldiers to provide additional stability and strength to the shoring

The bridge itself requires a cantilever wing on each edge, which we were able to create using standard RMD Kwikform equipment. The cantilever form was constructed using Superslim Soldiers with a specialised Crank Soldier that allowed us to make adjustments to accurately create the exact profile of the bridge. Once the profile was formed, GTX Beams were fixed in place to for the shuttering to shape the concrete when poured.

The cantilever was made up of several smaller sections, individually constructed onsite and then craned on to the bridge. This was done by using a ‘C’ Hook, which allowed each of the cantilever sections to be moved accurately into place fully assembled. This whole process provided considerable savings to programme times and was vital to delivering projects on time. Additionally, cantilever sections such as these are traditionally made of structural steel, which needs to be purchased and fabricated. By using standard RMD Kwikform equipment, we provided a much more versatile solution that has been incredibly cost effective to the customer.

The cantilever forms, once craned in place were fixed directly to the Rapidshor towers, and topped with an RMD Kwikform double guard rail along the full length of the bridge to help maximise the safety for workers on the bridge.

The bridge is a post tension bridge; this is quite unique to Dubai and the UAE. Inside the 15 metre wide bridge are two separate box sections (called cells). Internal web wall and diaphragm walls are poured to create these cells, the final stage comes with the pouring of the slab. For this Todini used RMD Kwikform’s 45kN Kwikstage system with primary and secondary GTX Beams. Riccardo Lameri – Site Assistant Manager, Todini Contruzione Generali S.p.A, commented on the success of the RMD Kwikform Middle East cantilever solution.

The cantilevers were assembled on the ground and then lifted onto the bridge, making them very easy to assemble, and because we made them in advance, we could work effectively and efficiently throughout the day. The RMD Kwikform solution allowed us to work on both sides of the bridge at the same time, which is a better way to manage our human resource. We worked on one side producing the cantilever and on the other side with the shoring for the slab.

RMD Kwikform concluded,

The dedicated onsite support and the formwork and shoring system supplied resulted in Todini Construzione Generali S.p.A awarding the contact for the remaining bridges to RMD Kwikform. The result of our work here has enhanced the reputation of RMD Kwikform Middle East with Todini Construzione Spa and we look forward to developing this relationship for all future projects.


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