Reem Island Development

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  • SYSTEM Formwork, Shoring
  • PRODUCT GTX Beams, Rapidshor, Superslim Soldiers
  • STRUCTURE TYPE Bridges, Roads

RMD Kwikform aided the construction of three bridges on the $30 billion Reem Island Development in Abu Dhabi by supplying formwork and shoring solutions.

Designed to improve on-island traffic management, the bridges are an integral part of the city’s transport network, spanning a 20-metre wide canal.

A 6,500,000m² development, consisting over $30 billion, Reem Island is the first residential development in Abu Dhabi that allows foreign national ownership. Over 22,000 residential units will be constructed on the island, which lies 600 metres off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

Working alongside main canal contractor Combined Group, and CCECC a sub-contractor for the bridge project, RMD Kwikform supplied a solution that was designed using its 80kN Rapidshor support system and utilised both Superslim Soldier and GTX Beam formwork.

Initially the Rapidshor system was erected in modules, which were crane handled into the canal floor. Each and every one of the Rapidshor legs in the modules had to be individually analysed and stress tested to ensure it was safe for casting. Once the safety and integrity of the Rapidshor modules was complete universal steel beams were then installed onto the shoring to provide a strong platform to support a further upper tier of Rapidshor that was tested in the same way to cope with the complex nature of the loading on the Rapidshor.

The project also presented unique challenges, both technically and in terms of timescale, with the six metre deep waterway slowly filled with water due to the contractual obligations of the canal’s main contractor.

Li Guangqi, Chief Engineer at CCECC, said:

We are able to take advantage of RMD Kwikform’s extensive product range to support the construction of the Reem Island Bridges, helping us adapt to the unique on-site conditions. Without RMD Kwikform’s involvement and vital technical expertise, the project may not have been possible and it is a testament to its commitment that we receive on going support.

Werner Wellmanns, Business Development Manager at RMD Kwikform, said:

In working alongside Combined Group and CCECC, we have been able to deliver solutions benefitting a development on the scale of Reem Island.

Helping reduce traffic congestion on the island, these bridges will contribute to improving the transport network of both Reem Island and Abu Dhabi as a whole.


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