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High-Rise Construction

High-Rise Construction

RMD Kwikform provides formwork and falsework systems to support the international high-rise construction market. With safety-driven solutions, RMD Kwikform ensures contractors increase productivity and save time when constructing high-rise buildings.

Slab Construction

Slab construction can require large areas of formwork and associated falsework. There are many opportunities for efficiency gains, typically by reducing labour requirements or speeding up assembly and dismantling. Other considerations when selecting a temporary works solution include maneuverability, particular if there are cranage restrictions on flying forms.

Flying Forms

Where regulations permit flying forms are a hugely efficient way of forming slabs on high-rise construction projects where tables can be struck and then crane handled still assembled onto the next floor. Please ask for more details.

Light Weight Aluminium Shoring

Alshor Plus is RMD Kwikform's high productivity shoring solution ideal for slab or soffit forming. Compatible with a range of primary and secondary beams this is the ideal shoring solution where labour saving productivity and safety are primary concerns


Skeletal Grid Shoring Solutions

RMD Kwikform's NEW Flexidek grid shoring system is a lightweight handset falsework designed to significantly improve productivity on site, reduce material costs and provide a level of versatility not found in other traditional shoring systems.


Slab Formwork Panel System

Airodek is a low-weight, high productivity, simple slab formwork system, suitable for slabs of up to a depth of 700mm. Its quick, safe and simple assembly process enables one man to erect up to 40m² in an hour, significantly reducing construction time and labour requirements and thereby customers costs.


Fast and Efficient Combined Shoring and Forming solution

Prop Tableform is a quick and versatile solution for multi storey construction of slabs up to 600mm. With few components, the Prop Tableform is quickly erected, struck and re-positioned with minimal effort. And it's easy to relocate, with the options of either being wheeled into position, or lifted to higher floors.


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